A Route to Net Zero - Technical Report

A technical report containing the Route Map to Net Zero in Leiston! Click here to request your own digital version of the report!

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Technical Report Summary

We have produced a summary of the technical report which contains the Route Map, which details the key steps of our route to Net Zero, allowing for easy replication.


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Want to be a part of reducing Leiston’s carbon dioxide emissions? Our Net Zero Pledges are a way for the community to get involved in our goals on an everyday basis.


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A Route to Net Zero

Read our e-book on how Leiston can get to Net Zero carbon emissions. We welcome your views on this summary to help us shape the final route map.

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Who we are

Net Zero Leiston is made up of community representatives, local councils, leading engineers, modelling and consumer insights experts, a local energy consultancy, a low carbon strategy consultancy, a financing consultancy and EDF.



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What is Net Zero?

Net Zero means reducing emissions of greenhouse gases to an amount where the gases released into the atmosphere from heating our homes, fuelling our vehicles and running businesses and public services, are the same as the amount we can remove from the atmosphere.


What are the benefits?

We want to ensure that the road to Net Zero for Leiston creates skills and employment opportunities, and lowers energy bills through energy efficiency and affordable technologies. Ultimately, we want Leiston to thrive from the High Street to the industrial estates, and for our residents to benefit from cheaper bills, putting Leiston on the map as a leader in this field.