Across the world people are looking for new ways to tackle rising earth temperatures.

In 2019 the UK Government made a commitment to achieve ‘Net Zero’ for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Net Zero means reducing emissions of greenhouse gases to an amount where the gases released into the atmosphere from heating our homes, fuelling our vehicles and running businesses and public services are the same as the amount we can remove from the atmosphere.


What produces greenhouse gas emissions?

Everyday activities like heating your home, driving your car or even the processes that went into producing the food you eat, release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


What is the impact?

The release of these gases – or emissions – are helping to heat the planet to an increasingly dangerous level. Wildlife faces extinction, our weather and our seasons may be increasingly disrupted and sea levels will rise.

Why Leiston?

Global warming is a particular concern for a parish like ours on the coast. Saving the planet also means protecting our parish.