Here are some Actions you can take to

lower your Carbon Emissions


Reduce Driving

Driving a non-electric car is a major carbon emitter, so walking or cycling to work or school can have a serious reduction on your carbon footprint.

Most cars emit around 0.3 kg of carbon dioxide per mile, so over a year, it adds up!

Turn out the Lights

Save energy by turning off lights of the rooms you aren’t using or invest in sensors which detect movement and turn off the lights when they aren’t needed.

Reducing your energy consumption has a direct effect on your carbon emissions.

Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels reduces your reliance on the national grid, which is not yet decarbonised. By doing this, you reduce your own energy bills and your carbon emissions!


Try and recycle more, putting the correct waste in the correct bin. This reduces the amount of waste that has to go into landfill, which produces harmful greenhouse gases.

Insulate your Home

Improving the insulation of your home reduces the amount of fossil fuels you need to burn in your boiler to keep your home warm. This leads to a major reduction in your heating bills and carbon emissions.

Buy Local

Try and buy your food from local sources to reduce the distance it has to be transported. Reducing your food miles reduces the amount of HGVs driving around the country, which has an effect on carbon emissions.

Reduce your water usage

Heating water is expensive! It takes a lot of energy which mainly comes from burning fossil fuels, emitting carbon dioxide. By having shorter or slightly colder showers, you can reduce your bills and carbon footprint.

Lower your Heating

Turning down the thermostat in your home by 1 degree can lead to a 15% reduction in heating required. This helps with bills and carbon emissions!