Alde Valley Academy students showcase how they plan to tackle climate change 

On the same week as the G7 world leaders will discuss climate change local students at Alde Valley Academy have been applauded for their work towards reducing their school’s carbon footprint.

A team from Sizewell C, the planned new low carbon power station for Suffolk, the Sizewell visitor centre and Net Zero Leiston set the students a challenge to find ways to reduce the school carbon footprint.  Using data provided by Groundwork East, a local charity working on Net Zero Leiston, the students could see the current levels of carbon emissions and set to work designing changes they could make to reduce their footprint.

The Year 7 and Year 8 students jumped at the chance to get involved and by working in teams set about carrying out research and recommendations which they presented to a panel from Sizewell B and Net Zero Leiston.  The winners received an Amazon Echo Dot and the runners up took home an Amazon gift voucher.

Jack Raven from Sizewell C told the students in this morning’s assembly: “We introduced the challenge to help you learn about carbon emissions and climate change and what we need to do to tackle it.  You really showed us what you learnt, so much so we had a tough task to pick our winners.”

The winning Year 8 team; The Tree Musketeers, came up with a variety of ideas and gave detail around all areas of green low carbon energy generation and a clear call to action.

The Tree Musketeers representative, Thomas, 12, said: “There are lots of really simple ways you can cut your carbon emissions, from recycling through to installing a ground source heat pump. Everyone can play their part from using a food waste bin through to turning the lights off and not leaving electrical equipment on standby.  Our ideas can be used by the whole community.”

Miss Moore, Alde Valley Academy, Assistant Headteacher oversaw the project: “The net zero challenge which Net Zero Leiston set the school has really complemented our science curriculum. Our students really enjoyed participating and engaged with staff from EDF and Groundwork East to support their project. Their awareness has been greatly raised and we look forward to continued work within our community around this project.”

The students were all keen to become advocates for Net Zero and to help the wider community reach the Net Zero target