The Net Zero Leiston Route Map is Here!

We are really proud to have published the Route to Net Zero for Leiston. This is an important stage in the NZL project, as the Route Map contains the fully engineered plan that the town can follow to reach Net Zero.

This document provides all the evidence and research conducted to make NZL happen. It has chapters on financing the transition, vulnerable customers, decarbonising technologies and help with understanding how to create a Net Zero project. We examine three main contributors to carbon emissions: buildings, transport and agriculture. To reduce carbon emissions from buildings we highlight measures like installing solar panels and heat pumps to power homes cleanly as well as smart meters to help manage energy use. For transport measures such as encouraging the use of electric vehicles and bikes are explored. In agriculture the plan looks at measures such as rewilding at scale locally.

We encourage the whole community to embrace the Route Map, so let us know what you think! We hope the plan creates a lot of discussion and activity to help this town reach its Net Zero goal. We also hope other communities look at the Net Zero plan and replicate it themselves. We hope there are Net Zero communities all across Suffolk and the UK, and we hope to inspire and support them with their goal.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of your own. We hope you’ll help us work towards a Net Zero Leiston!