What is a Net Zero Pledge?

#MyNetZeroPledge is a way for the residents of Leiston to show their support and commitment for our journey to carbon net zero by pledging to reduce their carbon emissions. How you do this and how much you do is up to you; there are many everyday actions you can take (or not take) that will reduce your carbon footprint and they often have other benefits too!

For example, you could pledge to walk or cycle to work or school one day a week. This will reduce the amount of carbon you produce through driving, save you money, and improve your physical and mental health! If you choose to send this to us via our contact page, we will display it on our website to show and encourage the rest of the community to get involved. If you don’t want to feature on this page, send your pledge in and let us know, so we can keep track of how much we have pledged as a community.

For more information on what kind of things you should pledge to take on or give up, see our Net Zero Actions page.


If you’d like to feature, send us a message via the contact page with your first name, street name and you pledge. We’re excited to see what new and innovative pledges our community can come up with!

Here are some of the pledges within the community:

I pledge to walk and run as much as I can. Whether that be walking to work or running to the shops for essentials goods. This will mean I can stop using my vehicle so often and ultimately reduce the impact I have on the environment.”
Kyle, Crown Street

“I pledge to reduce my carbon emissions by only driving when I need to and heating my home less.”
Will, High Street

“I pledge to raise awareness of environmental issues locally and help more people understand how they can reduce emissions.”
Jack, High Street

“I pledge to walk to work and reduce carbon emissions.
Bethany, Valley Road